• Ryan Tascar (He/Him)

The Path to Better Intimacy Starts with You

Here’s what I know to be true now. All positive change sparks with a moment inside of ourselves, when we just decide whatever we have done so far hasn’t been cutting it, setting the intention to change, and then taking curious, conscious, and at times uncomfortable action around that change. And better loving is a positive change.

Love and partnership is something that strikes the very core of the human condition. In many cultures there are a multitude of different meanings in it. And its so awesomely complex that each one of the 7 billion odd souls here each have their own interconnected experience with it.

In our DNA, we are programmed to desire to belong, to love and be loved. The partners we attract can be beautiful mirrors, holding enormous power to positively transform our patterns by reflecting every nook of our own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being. Or they can be another opportunity for us to ignore repeating cycles of externalization, blame, shame, and repression of our deep shadows. The choice is constantly ours as we experience the spectrum roller coaster of our emotions with our partners every day. Or in times of absence of partners it is our Self that we are riding with and also the root of our attractions.

I’ve heard, “There is only one way to learn.” I’m calling bull on that one. In my experience it always gets easier when we connect with each other, because we are often facing similar challenges. So it is with deep love in my heart that I admit I have struggled on my path. And via the hard-style road through sex addiction and intimacy, I’ve chosen to heal. I’ve been grateful for the guidance of many mentors, intensive training, and regular practice ( in the disciplines of Yoga, breath-work, Reike, Shamanism and magic) over the past seven years. And now I’m ready to share the combined fruits of these practices with you because it is my life’s purpose, my passion and the only thing that will truly cultivate happiness on a soul level. That the practices help others and hold a key to evolving us collectively is a beautiful bonus.

I am inviting you to take a walk with me, through the conditioned behaviors, through the taboos, in full acceptance of wherever you are at with your creative intimate sexual partnership with life. While we are walking, it is my intention to arm you with a cosmic tool kit that you can use to transform yourself into a more conscious, better communicating, ecstatic sex having, flat out most beautiful version of yourself that gets better every day, for yourself and for your current and potential partnerships. Are you ready to change? Book a call today to learn more.

Much Love,

Ryan Tascar, Sacred Intimacy Yoga Coach

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