• Ryan Tascar (He/Him)

The Musing of a Sex Coach

I was on the phone earlier with a trusted friend who has so much love to give and I often get to be the lucky recipient. I was telling her about the coaching I was doing, and that no matter what kind of session it is, I always go to the same basic method of practice. The work is simple. I guide people on a journey into the body, into the breath, into the present moment where we exist. Once we are there, people do the work, or rather open to spirit doing the work and becoming a witness to their own healing. I reach within and channel a reflection of what is already there. What a person is becoming. The space that is beyond stories that get trapped to like old records inside the body as pain, Dis- ease,.. limiting the space beyond patterned thoughts, where the mind is quiet. It is here that people heal. It is here where the magic is. All that is required of me is my presence (presents). The gift of full concentrated focused attention on one person's healing. Its an unimaginable thing in a world of illusions and distractions and distrust.

She looks at me, its a video call, and states "you have to post about that"... I asked her curiously why she feels that way and she says, "its just really trustworthy". And now i'm able to articulate the magic of the experience of being a coach. There's no hiding emotions when embodying authenticity of being. There is only raw, unfiltered experience in each moment.

So I started to think about what it is that I really do. And I realized that the greatest blessing of this work is that there is nothing to "do". My only job is to be, together, to hold space for, to learn and grow with beautiful souls who ACTUALLY find me worthy enough to pay me handsomely to reflect their healing. I'm still working on that one, and if i'm being perfectly raw, sometimes I don't even believe that. I'm still working on my worthiness. It's getting better and better. But i'm growing into my true self every day, and it is VALUABLE. It brings me great joy to glow with others. My only mission on this planet is to be, to create, to, learn to grow and heal together with resonant souls. To experience the fullest expression of life in any moment, good bad or in-between. That's why I wander, that's why I coach, thats why i am devoted to my own healing and that of others in an area as tender as sexuality, that requires extreme trust and tenderness with really hard parts.

Do I still mix it up? Of course. ​Do I have some really kickass practices and methods to share that can only come from unique experience and spirit? Of course yes! And all of them include my presence. For me, its about the journey to create together, its about the bond. And I'm finding, as I walk this road, that's why people find me and choose to coach with me. And I am so grateful.

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