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Shadow Work in Sacred Partnerships Part I:

Oh Beautiful Mystical Band of Sacred Warrior Gods and Goddesses-


Cue your favorite meditative youtube track and hear this heart song. Its time to get real. To get deep. To get reeaall deeep. In a dream last night I was inspired. And i'd love to channel some content your way about shadow work in life and in partnership.

If the music in your head just shifted to foreboding, then you may be on the right track! Spirituality, in my experience, has the potential to be sunshine and rainbows and unicorns, but if anyone ever tries to convince you that its ALWAYS sunshine and unicorn and rainbows, including me, please immediately give em a little boop poke in the third eye because I've known too many violently beautiful unicorns who fart rifts in the time space continuum. Where there is light, there is surely shadow, and that goes for the inside of each and everyone of us!

Carl Jung once quoted, "Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior." Because it takes a warrior to turn around in our waking lives and dreaming lives to face those parts of us we would rather ignore, or repress, or sleep through, run from etc etc. Any parts of us experiencing guilt, shame, blame anger, doubt, unworthiness. But when we DO face it, and we feeel it all fully WITHOUT self judgement, and release the root of its past experience or future fear, it shifts the way we vibrate on this planet. It literally transforms the tarry muck into sparkly diamond jewels. And when we transform we can transform others. So lets start looking at our shadows less like scary monsters, and more like old friends who would like to catch up and show us what we've learned, we can shift the stories we tell about our lives.

I'm off to practice myself now, but stay tuned later this week for specific strategies on how to integrate shadows in partnerships!

What are some of your current shadows and their stories?

Much Love,


The Sacred Intimacy Yogi

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