About Me

Ryan is a Tantric Yogi, Shaman, and Healer who had devoted the past eight years of his life to spiritual development and sexual healing. On his path, he has invested thousands of dollars and countless hours of study and practice into his own sexual healing, training, coaching and Self Discovery. Sacred Intimacy Yoga Coaching is the fruit of this labor of love and was founded on the vision of a fully healed world with vibrant, consensual, and thriving sexual expression. A world with total freedom from shame, guilt and any form of suppression of who we are.  SIYC was created to help people heal in 2018 after Ryan unfolded clarity around his own purpose on this earth. The practices shared in our programs are inspired by Ryan's passion and direct experience and training during 8 years of  intensive yoga practice across many spiritual lineages, self transformation practices, and his own coaching and mentorship from experts in sexuality and yoga. Ryan is currently acquiring certification in the Erotic Blueprint Lineage Coaching training, and loves to connect and spread joy and healing through this path. 

Ryan Tascar (He/Him)

Sexual Empowerment Coach, Sacred Intimate, Tantric Yogi, Reike Practicioner, RYT200