Is to heal together.


The greatest blessing of this work is that it is simple. Our job is to together, learn and grow and shine light on your sexual healing journey that is already within you.

We'll guide you on a journey into your body, into your breath, into the present. Once we are there, all that's left is to be a witness to your own healing. We reach within and channel a reflection of who you already are, and what you are becoming. The space that is beyond stories;  that often gets trapped like an old record inside your body as pain and dis- ease, limiting who you are beyond the patterned thoughts. It is here that we heal. 

Do we have lots of tools to empower you with? Yes!  We have many practices and gifts to share, a whole journey to create together, but it always comes down to the present moment, which is our biggest gift and value and why many choose to heal with us.  We're grateful to be here with you.

We are growing, and have plans to expand with new coaches. If you feel aligned with our calling, please reach out. 

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Hello, everyone, and welcome! I'm Ryan (He/Him), the founder of this community of sexuality embracers.  I have been on a Journey and it is because I have learned to love myself that I am graced with the superpower to harness my authentic, balanced, masculine and feminine voice to bring you gentle, consent-full healing, one that is mindful of my own boundaries and those of others. There is passion in this work because it is my purpose to bring sexual healing and joy into this world. It is a great gift to be able to liberate our sexual expression and I love to walk this road. I wouldn't be happy doing anything else, and have been incredibly blessed to have spent the past 8 years and thousands of dollars training to harness these methods of consciousness. To learn to embrace our bodies, as being perfect the way they are. To integrate shame, guilt, suppression and all other pleasure killers that our culture imposes on us.   I feel the deep desire to transform the stories we tell (and sometimes get trapped in) around intimacy, sex and love. I am fortunate to now channel my training into a coaching structure for mindful people struggling to attract or maintain loving intimate partnerships with healthy sexual creative expression in their lives.


At its heart, the Sacred Intimacy Yoga Coaching Programming aims to evolve the collective paradigm, inwardly, through the empowerment work of the individual. Our Offering is an Eight Session Intensive Journey in Intimate Self-Transformation that arms people with somatic intuition, breath-work, tantra sensory play, existential kink, creative visualizations, reiki, shamanic journeying and daily practice to break free of external conditioning that has contributed to a culture of guilt, shame and suppression around intimacy and come home to our true nature.

 The program has both masculine and feminine soul warriors in mind, and will speak to some that feel an inward pull towards it in your heart. It dives deep into our ingrained patterns around partnership, the law of attraction, and sex at the very core of the human experience. It transmutes a status quo we have built around this experience that marginalizes people's identities within.  Often enough, in partnerships of all shapes and sizes, there are miscommunications and suffering of all types where there could be unconditional love, trust, compassion, curiosity, play, and joy. This is especially so with mindful and empathetic folk.   So for those feeling courageous enough to integrate the shadowy parts of themselves, to love better every day, to transmute life into orgasmic pleasure, and shift into their full sexual creative expression in life, reach out to me! I'd love to hear more about your story. 



Combining Years of Training in Yoga, Breathwork, Existential Kink, Reiki, Creative Visualization, Mindful Communication, and Magickal Practice into an 8 week coaching and self practice intensive.

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EmPOWER™ A Journey for Sexual Finders

EmPOWER is our Signature Journey in Sexual Healing. We used to call it for "seekers" but we believe in finding healing, not searching for it. EmPOWER is an eight week deep dive into your individual expression of sexuality that is designed to heal shame, judgement, and fear around true intimacy. It dives into deep learning with breathwork, guided somatic meditation and hypnosis, your erotic blueprint types, conscious communication techniques, the chakra system, safely cultivating sexual energy, sex magick rituals, intentional creation, self pleasure modalities, visioning, and how to fully accept yourself, your kinks, the partners you have or will be attracting. It is an investment in your sexual well being and healing.  It is especially for you if you grew up in a conservative religious environment and struggle with worthiness and have a sense of being "too much" or "too little". Or if you wonder if there are partners out there for you. 

What you'll get:

8 Hour long Individual Coaching Sessions

Immersion into an Online community of Sexual Healing

Discovery and Empowerment of your Erotic Blueprint™ Types

Deep Inner Child Work

Guided Meditation Recordings

Fun Flirtacious Assignments and Pleasure Homeplay Practices

Between Session Text Support

Two Sex Magic Tarot Readings

The Investment in Yourself

Is Valued at $12,000.00

During Launch in January 2021 this program will be offered at a one time special price of  $7,777.77. For this round, seats in the program are limited to 8 brave souls willing to dive deep and will fill up fast. Applications close on January 13th. The program will begin in February.   Schedule a free session today to sample the work and see if you're a good fit and to apply.

Sex Magic Tarot Readings

Come embrace your magical sex witch and wizard side here. Tarot is an ancient system of symbology that reflects our innermost workings and soul plan. I believe in consciousness, in the inherent magic in everything. If you are looking for a way to dive into your sexual challenges and are not ready to invest 6-8K into EmPOWER, I offer sex magic tarot readings as an opportunity to heal, create, joy and divine together.  Gain insight and clarity into your sexual healing.  See you Soon.

Session Cost: $250.00

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Sexual Alchemy Sessions

Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation, and change.These session are designed to immerse you in the Somatic work before you commit to EmPOWER. Session cost can be put towards a deeper investment in yourself through the immersion or simply be used as a single healing session. Limit 2 per person. 

Session Cost: $300.00 for one hour

“It may sound like a cliché, but love begins at home. No amount of one-night stands will compensate for not feeling okay about yourself. Anyone who tells you that they are still looking for the 'right' partner so that they can practice sexual magic 'properly' still hasn't cottoned on to the basic facts that so-called sex-magic 'power' does not reside in other people, techniques, or in occult 'secret teachings.' All magical 'power' comes from within, and cultivating Self-Love is a first step to unleashing this power. Which is not to say that it is easy—it often isn't, and many people spend years struggling to like themselves. Self-Love requires that you accept yourself—warts and all, rather than trying to live up to a self-image which is unrealistic and unbalanced. Self-Love enables you to relax so that you are not continually flogging yourself with internal criticism, and, significantly, you do not feel an overwhelming need to have other people's approval. Self-Love changes the way we relate to others, so that we no longer use other people as props to support our fantasies, but begin to see them as independent agents. If you do not love yourself, then you will find it difficult to love other people—you will continually use others to prop up parts of your ego.” 
― Phil Hine, Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot: The Way of the Secret Lover