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Is to arm you with tools to transform yourself, attract soul connected partnerships, and make great love in your life. 


Partnerships at all levels can be primary mirror of transformation in our lives. When we allow ourselves to heal ourselves first, the quality of our lives and partnerships improve. Inspiring that process in you is our purpose.  In this moment, you are in exactly the right place. Grateful you are here!


Hello everyone and welcome! I'm Ryan, the Sacred Intimacy Yoga Coach. The story behind the creation of the program can be found on the first blog post on this site in a spirit of radical vulnerability.  It is from a place of unconditional love for the struggles that these methods have helped me overcome in sex and partnership, that I am able to share these teachings.  There is passion in this work because it is my life's purpose. I love to walk this road,  wouldn't be happy doing anything else, and have been incredibly blessed to have spent the past 7 years and thousands of dollars training to harness these methods.  I feel the deep desire to transform the stories we tell (and sometimes get trapped in) around intimacy, sex and love. I am fortunate to now channel my training into a coaching structure for mindful people struggling to attract or maintain loving intimate partnerships with healthy sexual creative expression in their lives.


At its heart, the Sacred Intimacy Yoga Coaching Program aims to evolve the collective paradigm inwardly, through the empowerment work of the individual. Our Offering is an Eight Session Intensive Journey in Intimate Self-Transformation that arms people with yogic breath-work, tantric methods, creative visualizations, reike, shamanistic modality, and daily practice in a coaching structure to break free of external conditioning that has contributed to a culture of guilt, shame and suppression around intimacy. The program has both masculine and feminine soul warriors in mind, and will speak to some that feel an inward pull towards it in your heart. It dives deep into our ingrained patterns around partnership, the law of attraction, and sex at the very core of the human experience. It takes aim at a status quo we have built around this experience that may be at least due for a shift, and at the most a revolution. There is, often enough in partnerships of all shapes and sizes, miscommunication and suffering where there could be unconditional love, compassion, curiosity, play, and joy. Perhaps especially so around, mindful and empathetic folk.   So for those  feeling courageous enough to integrate the shadowed parts of themselves, to love better every day and shift into their full sexual creative expression in life, schedule a breakthrough session today! I'd love to hear more about your story. 



Combining Years of Training in Yoga, Breathwork, Reike, Creative Visualization, Mindful Communication, and Magickal Practice into an 8 week coaching and self practice intensive.

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Are you having trouble attracting and maintaining loving, intimate partnerships? Does the sex you are having, with yourself and with others feel lukewarm? Do you struggle to connect with partners in a meaningful way? This program could be for you. Start the path to better intimacy, better communication, and better sex now.



Are you conscious in a partnership and still feeling like there is something more? Perhaps you feel you are making steps to be more mindful and would like to evolve yourself and they are ready too?   You'll dive inward first, empower yourself, and then together learn practices to cultivate union, seeing the divine spark in each others eyes.

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“It may sound like a cliché, but love begins at home. No amount of one-night stands will compensate for not feeling okay about yourself. Anyone who tells you that they are still looking for the 'right' partner so that they can practice sexual magic 'properly' still hasn't cottoned on to the basic facts that so-called sex-magic 'power' does not reside in other people, techniques, or in occult 'secret teachings.' All magical 'power' comes from within, and cultivating Self-Love is a first step to unleashing this power. Which is not to say that it is easy—it often isn't, and many people spend years struggling to like themselves. Self-Love requires that you accept yourself—warts and all, rather than trying to live up to a self-image which is unrealistic and unbalanced. Self-Love enables you to relax so that you are not continually flogging yourself with internal criticism, and, significantly, you do not feel an overwhelming need to have other people's approval. Self-Love changes the way we relate to others, so that we no longer use other people as props to support our fantasies, but begin to see them as independent agents. If you do not love yourself, then you will find it difficult to love other people—you will continually use others to prop up parts of your ego.” 
― Phil Hine, Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot: The Way of the Secret Lover